How does Max Fuel Saver Work?

Most fuels for internal combustion engines are liquid, but liquid fuels do not combust until they are vaporized and mixed with air. Most emissions from motor vehicles consist of unburned hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen. Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen react in the atmosphere and create smog. Smog is the prime cause of eye and throat irritation, noxious smells, plant damage and decreased visibility. Oxides of nitrogen are also toxic.

Generally, fuel for an internal combustion engine is composed of a set of molecules. Each molecule consists of a number of atoms made up from a nucleus and electrons which orbit around their nucleus. Magnetic movements already exist in these molecules and they therefore already have positive and negative electrical charges. However, because these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively interlocked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecules or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned. This ionization and realignment is achieved through the application of the magnetic field created by Max Fuel Saver.

Fuel mainly consists of hydrocarbons and when fuel flows through a magnetic field, such as the one created by Max Fuel Saver, the hydrocarbons change their orientation and molecules of hydrocarbon change their configuration. This has the effect of ensuring that the fuel actively interlocks with the oxygen, producing a more complete burn in the combustion chamber. The result is higher engine output, better fuel economy and a reduction in the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen that are emitted through the exhaust. The ionization of the fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor jets, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, thereby keeping the engine in a cleaner condition.

The Installation Procedure :

Max Fuel Saver is very simple. "No Tools, Just Snap It On". You can do it yourself by following our instructions, or you can get your mechanic to fit it. Either way it should not take longer than 1 minute.

* When installing
Max Fuel Saver system on any vehicle it should be placed as close as possible to the carburetor fuel inlet pipe.

* With vehicles that have a fuel injection system, Max Fuel Saver has to be installed as close as possible to the injectors.

* With vehicles that have an electronic fuel injection system, placing of
Max Fuel Saver as close as possible to the injectors will prevent the magnetic field created by the Super Conductors interfering with the electronic operating systems.

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